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How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Advice and training on how to teach a dog not to bark and details of the Anti Bark Collar Kit to stop your dog barking:

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

It is natural and often normal for a dog to bark and before we answer the question how to stop your dog from barking using the anti bark collar kit we will explore normal dog barking behaviour. For example a dog will give a rough sounding bark as a warning of danger to its owner or self. An excited softer bark may be given during play and there are different sounding barks when the dog wants attention or are bored. This is all normal expression and should be acknowledged, rewarded and then the owner should take command and have the dog site beside you. Try not to shout at your dog in an effort to stop your dog barking because it will see this as joining in and will only bark louder.

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Flat Coated Retrievers Book

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Barking accompanied by snapping can be a sign of dog trying to be dominant above the master dog relationship.

When barking becomes a problem, perhaps keeping neighbours or the family awake or continual barking during separation when the family go out then action needs to be taken. One such course of action is to purchase the anti bark collar kit.

100 Ways to Understand Your Dog by Roger Tabor suggests that if a dog is barking to gain attention then you should turn aside from the dog until it stops barking. When the dog has stopped barking then turn back to the dog and reward him or her with attention and or a treat.

He also suggests teaching your dog to bark on command by using the command of speak whilst visually enforcing this with a sign of an open and closing mouth with your hands. A treat reward can reinforce the positive barking and signal the end of the bark command.

We have had first hand experience in how to stop your dog from barking when our older Flat-Coat started to develop dementia. She had never barked in 14 years, not even during play. She then started to bark whilst staring at walls, even if we were in the room. The dog barking did get worse when we were not in the room or left the house. Fortunately we had understanding neighbours and we were grateful for them letting us know of this dog barking problem.

So how did we stop dog barking in our demented dog? Working from home and a team of dog sitters stopped her dog barking when left alone. For other times we bought the anti bark collar kit from Pets At Home called the anti bark spray collar from innotek and their petsafe refill citronella spray. The anti bark collar was comfortable for our Flat-Coat to wear and easy to use for us. The best thing about this collar is that it does stop your dog barking and for us it had immediate effect.

This anti dog barking collar sits at the dog's vocal cords and when the dog barks it lets out a spray of citronella which to us smells nice, but not to dogs. Experts also recommend behavioural training with dog barking collars.

The loudest bark recorded in the Guinness World Records was 108 decibels from German Shepherd Daz whose owner Peter Lucken lives in the UK and the loudest group bark was from 76 hounds during a special event by Petmate in Colorado in America. This measured 124 dB.

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