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Signs Of Worms In Dog

Health care of dogs including the signs of worms, fleas and ticks:

Signs Of Worms Ticks And Fleas In Dogs - Health Care

Before we discuss signs of worms in dogs we will start with a general health care for dogs.

The flat-coats ideal weight is 25 - 34 kg for female dogs and 25 - 35 kg for male dogs. Most male dogs will reach a height of 58 -61 cm whilst female dogs will reach between 56 - 59 cm.

The average lifespan of a flat coated retriever is 12 years.

You should get your new dog/puppy registered at a veterinary surgery and checked over by the vet. The vet can then advise you about vaccinations, worming and general care of your dog. It should be vaccinated against distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, leptospirosis and parvovirus, with annual vaccinations after the initial course.

Fleas In Dogs

Persistent scratching and self biting, especially at the base of the tail could be a sign of fleas in your dog. Grooming your dog outside with a flea comb will help detect the parasites. Treatment varies from shampoos, collars, powders and special chemicals that are dropped onto the dog's coat. Pet Planet have a range of up to date flea treatments. Do also remember to clean the dog's basket and wash their bedding and vaccum the carpets to remove any flea eggs

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Flat Coated Retrievers Book

Flat-Coated Retriever (Comprehensive Owner's Guide) is a detailed flat coated retrievers book, published by Kennel Club Books, which will prove useful to any owner. Chapters include the history of the Flat Coat dog, advice on choosing a puppy, health care and training tips.

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Ticks In Dogs

Ticks are usually found in rural areas where sheep are found. The ticks can be picked up onto the dog's coat as it runs around the undergrowth. The tick adheres to the skin of the dog and sucks the blood, swelling to as large as 1cm. During this blood sucking the tick can transfer protozoal diseases, so early removal is essential. most ticks can be removed by dabbing the area with cottonwool soaked with methylated spirit which should loosen their grip. Then they can be removed with tweezers. Antiseptic cream can be applied to the area incase the tick's jaws have been left in the skin.

Worms In Dogs

The most common worms are tapeworms and roundworms:

Tapeworms are flat and ribbon like and attach their heads to the dog's gut wall whilst the body is passed out in the dog's stool. Preventative three monthly de-worming is recommended for adult dogs, though pregnant and nursing dogs should be wormed more frequently. Puppies are normally wormed every 2 - 3 weeks until they are 3 months old, then wormed monthly until they are 6 months old, then treated as adult dogs.

Roundworms (Toxocara canis) live in the dog's intestines and continually shed eggs. Preventative twice yearly de-worming is recommended. The larvae can move around the body to other organs such as the liver. These type of worms can infect humans.

Signs Of Worms In Dogs

Weight loss or being underweight
Unhealthy coat and skin which looks dull
Worms appear in the faeces or vomit of the dog
Tapeworm eggs may look like white rice clinging to the anus of the dog

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